Old friends

Old friends, after all of these years, Just old friends, trough the laughter and tears
Old friends, what a find! What a priceless treasure!
Old friends, like a rare piece of gold, Old friends, make it great to grow old;
´til then, trough it all I will hold to Old friends!
Now God must have known that some days on our own,
we would lose our will to go on;
That´s why He sent friends like You along.
Old friends, yes You´ve always been there, My old friends, we´ve had more than our share,
Old friends, I´m a rich millionaire in old friends.

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Det lackar mot jul...

Om ett par dagar firar vi julafton igen...oj va tiden flyger iväg! Vi har fått på tok för mycket snö...from my point of wiev❄️🌨☃ Solen ly...